So, you’re a complete beginner looking to create a website using WordPress and can’t seem to figure out what the difference between WordPress and Elementor is.

To get a complete understanding, I’d recommend reading my Elementor Beginner’s Guide as that has all the information you need to get started with Elementor.

If you just want an answer to your question though, you can read through this article where I explain concisely, the differences between WordPress and Elementor to help clear any confusions you might have.


What is The Difference Between WordPress and Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress Pagebuilder that helps users build websites visually without any code, WordPress by itself is just a content management system but in other to build websites visually you need a page builder like Elementor.

In other to use Elementor, you first need to install WordPress on a server; Hosting companies like Bluehost offer one-click WordPress setups so it’s not really difficult.

Once you have WordPress installed, all you have to do to install Elementor is:

  1. Login To Your Dashboard

    WordPress Dashboard After Logging in
    WordPress Dashboard After Logging in
  2. Go to Plugins and select Add NewAdd New Plugin WordPress
  3. Search For Elementor Via the Search Bar & Click Install.
    Screenshot showing how to install Elementor
    Screenshot showig how to install Elementor


So, that’s basically it. You can now build websites with Elementor, WordPress just serves as a way for Elementor to function.

It extends what is possible when building sites by introducing a unique way of building websites with WordPress.

Which is Better WordPress or Elementor?

Elementor requires WordPress to work so technically speaking, WordPress has the upperhand. You can also use other pagebuilders with WordPress unlike Elementor that exists only to work with WordPress as it’s foundation.

Not really a smart question to ask, but heck, I have an answer, lol.


Do I need Elementor for WordPress?

No, using Elementor With WordPress is completely optional. There are a lot of alternatives to Elementor like Divi and Beaver Builder, so you do not need Elementor to build a WordPress site.



So, there you have it folks, WordPress and Elementor Work together, you can’t use Elementor without WordPress but WordPress on it’s own can work without Elementor.

If you have any additonal Questions or anything confusing you about using Elementor, don’t hestitate to leave a comment below.


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